MCW by PA Official Bulletin Board – please keep a close eye on the online Official Bulletin Board. There will be no official bulletins published on paper!

September 24th 2017

Dear participants,

it was a real pleasure celebrating MCW by PA 2017 with you.

Have a safe trip back. If you have suggestions for improvements please let us know.

We look forward seeing you at MCW by PA 2018 from September 19th to 23 rd 2018.

Best Regards

Your MCW by PA Team

September 24th 2017 18:00

Official results

International Concours d´Elegance, 23. September 2017

Fresh Air Breeze British Cabriolets: John Waterhouse. (GB) Jaguar E Type

Fresh Air Breeze German Cabriolets: Nic Byrom, (Monaco) Mercedes Benz 190 SL

Fresh Air Breeze American Cabriolets: Madeleine Mettegang (E), Ford Thunderbird Series 1

Big Happiness in Little Cars, Mariano Rosselo Barbara (E) PTV 250

Iconic Design: Dr. Peter Jänsch (D) BMW 503

Rallye & Racing: Ulrich Knieps (D), BMW 328 Roadster Mille Miglia

Celebrity Cars: Dr. Philip Koehn (D) Rolls Royce 10 EX in Memoriam Lawrence of Arabia

Best of Show Russel Stevens Trophy: Dr. Philip Köhn (D), Rolls Royce 10 EX

Best dressed Lady; Jutta Kuntze (D)

Most Adventurous Trip to Mallorca: Jaguar Enthusiast Club (GB)

CrimeDrive© Nick Nickerbockers “Art Theft Under Palms”, 24. September 2017

1 Pia Hölzel (D)

2 John Waterhouse (GB)

3 Wolfgang Buchta (A)

4 Simon Cronin (GB)

5 Dr. Peter Jänsch (D)

September 20 2017 09:00

Dear Participants,

Welcome to MCW by PA 2017!

Please pick up your welcome packages including starting number, vouchers and parking admission stickers at the MCW Office at Port Adriano today Wednesday September 20th 2017.  Ocibar Office Building, 50m  to the right after the first circle in the port. Doorbell Ocibar S.A..

The Welcome Barbecue starts on Wednesday September 20th 2017 at 18:00 at The Boathouse, Paseo Maritimo Palma, across the Auditorium. Please be careful bikes are crossing the entry of the parking place! Cars with no MCW by PA sticker or starting numbers will not be admitted by security.

Concours particiants are kindly requested to meet with their classic cars at the entrance of the Philippe Starck Building on Saturday, September 23rd 2017 at 09:00 for the technical inspection and judgement.

The PleasureDrive Roadbooks for three tours in Spanish, English and German are ready to be downloaded from the MCW by PA Server.

July 17 2017 17:00
Dear Participants and Partners:

Enclosed we are sending you up to date information in reference to programme changes to MCW by PA 2017 based on the recommendations of partipants in 2016.

Please check our website for a program overview or get in touch via or call the registration office, Mrs. Maria Jose Perez via Tel.(+34) 971 232 494.

1. Categories of the International Concours d´Elegance.

  • Fresh Breeze Open Air – British Cabriolets
  • Fresh Breeze Open Air  – German Cabriolets
  • Fresh Breeze Open Air  – American Cabriolets
  • Rallye & Racing through the Decades
  • Big Happiness in Little Cars
  • Iconic Design
  • Celebrity Cars
  • Classic Yachts
  • Most Adventurous Trip to Mallorca
  • Best dressed Lady
  • Best of Show: Russel Stevens Award

2. Technical Inspection of Concours Cars

The technical inspection of the Concours Cars by the International Jury will be concentrated on Saturday, September 23rd 2017 from 09:00 till 16:00.

3. CrimeDrive on Sunday September 24th 2017

Start at 11:00 at Port Adriano. A not too serious “CrimeDrive© which will lead the participants of MCW by PA 2017 to scenic areas of Majorca – following the tracks of Master Detective Nick Nickerbocker.

Best regards

MCW by PA Team 2017