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General Advice:

  • The great amount of bicycle riders can lead to critical moments especially on mountain roads.
  • There is s a limit of 0,3 pro mille of alcohol in Spain. Spanish police does not know a special pardon for tourists and a violation can end up with a night in jail.
  • You should not state that you are taking part in a rallye upon a possible traffic control. This is not the case and you could save yourselves this way a lengthy questioning.

 Advices for a picnic at the beach or in the mountains:

Mallorquin specialties like the salami ‚ÄěFuet‚Äú, der ham ‚ÄěSerrano‚Äú, olives ‚ÄěAceitunas‚Äú, the Menorquin cheese ‚ÄěMahon‚Äú, a glass of good wine for the copilot are very well suited to take along for a picnics. Local “Goodies” can be found at the food markets ‚ÄěOlivar‚Äú or ‚ÄěCatalina‚Äú in Palma. A pocket knife, a corkscrew, plastic plates and mugs, Kleenex and a bag for garbage are useful to take along.

PleasureDrive 1: Monasteries, Bays and Beaches Total Length: about 120 km, Driving Time without breaks 3 hours and 30 minutes, suitable for PleasureDirve with kids. Highways, small country roads.



Pleasure Drive 2: Chopin, Mansions and the Valley of Oranges Length: about 125 km, travel time without breaks about 3 hours 15 minutes, moderate route, highways, small narrow country roads, valleys, orange and olive, mansions, sea views


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PleasureDrive 3: The Snake Road  Length: about 160 km, travel time without breaks for about 4 hours, demanding route, highways, small narrow country roads, road construction masterpieces, mountain roads.


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Conducci√≥n tur√≠stica 1 -‚ÄúPleasure Drive1‚ÄĚ: Monasterios, calas y playas¬†Trayecto total: aproximadamente 120km, tiempo de conducci√≥n sin pausas 3 horas y 30 minutos. Esta conducci√≥n es apta para ir con ni√Īos. Se acceden por autopista y carreteras de monta√Īa e interior.


PleasureDrive1_Espa√Īol 20190916

Conducción turística- Pleasure Drive 2: Chopin, mansiones y el valle de las naranjas  Trayecto Total: Aproximadamente125 km, tiempo del trayecto con pausas 3 horas y 15 minutos. Ruta moderada, autopistas, carreteras estrechas de pueblo, valles y tramos con árboles de naranjo y olivos, vistas al mar.


PleasureDrive_2_ Espa√Īol _20190916

Conducci√≥n tur√≠stica 3- PleasureDrive 3:¬†La carretera de serpiente Trayecto total: Aproximadamente 160 km, conducci√≥n sin freno durante 4 horas, ruta demandada, autopistas, calles estrechas de pueblo, construcciones hist√≥ricas, carretadas de monta√Īa.


PleasureDrive_3_ Espa√Īol_20190916

PleasureDrive 1: Kl√∂ster, Buchten und Str√§nde L√§nge: ca. 120 km, Fahrtzeit ohne Pausen 3 Stunden 30 Minuten, f√ľr Touren mit Kindern geeignet, bis auf eine kurze Bergpartie einfache Strecke, Schnellstra√üen, kleine schmale Landstra√üen, Landschaften lieblich.



PleasureDrive 2: Chopin, Herrschaftshäuser und das Tal der Orangen Länge: ca. 125 km, Fahrtzeit ohne Pausen ca. 3 Stunden 15 Minuten, moderate Fahrstrecke, Schnellstraßen, kleine schmale Landstraßen, Hochtäler, Orangen und Oliven, Herrschaftshäuser, Meeresausblicke.


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PleasureDrive 3: Die Schlangenstraße. Länge: ca. 160 km, Fahrtzeit ohne Pausen ca. 4 Stunden, anspruchsvolle Fahrstrecke, Schnellstraßen, kleine schmale Landstraßen, straßenbauliche Meisterwerke, Gebirgsstraßen.


PleasureDrive_3_ Deutsch_20190916